Hi, I am Francesca, I deal with graphic design and illustration for graphics.
(But I don’t underestimate good cooking, lively company and every sort of imaginative drifts).

I design and make visual products, from paper to screens: on one hand prints, covers, posters, logos, business cards, business layout, conventions material; on the other hand website or app interfaces, e-learning courses, e-books. Furthermore, I design illustration for graphic applications, for final clients or agencies: illustrations for infographics, posters, courses websites, products, handbooks, occasions, social apps. (I also have a Shutterstock store, where I sell vector illustrations all over the world).


Don’t call me creative (if you mean magic for creativity)

I believe graphic design is not a style exercise nor a rain of falling stars, but the result of a concrete and demanding process, which absorbs real communicative needs and turn them in clear messages: easy to understand and pleasant to enjoy.
Graphic design is an analytic, rational, knowing path. Of course, even a result of creativity, which remains though, just one of the necessary skills.
I’m not an artist, but a patient crafter, an obstinate explorer and a contents lover. I am passionate about squeezing complexity to extract a concentrate of meaning, clear and tasting like an apple juice.

What is beautiful?

An appliance or a software, a mug or a website, a book or a service, a couch or an online course: I think nothing is beautiful if it is not useful, usable, interesting, functioning… all the rest is a knick-knack, and the world just does not need it. Moreover, beautiful is whatever may comfort, enchant, lighten up, make you think, open, know, astonish.
To all that I aim in my work. (Very low ambitions, isn’t it?)

Maybe, without noticing it, I chose this job because I believe in the shared construction of a better world, which goes towards justice, walking on streets full of beauty.